Stephanie Weber Prosthetic

Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber was introduced to Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics/D&J Medical in October 2020. After a traumatic injury at 10, the severity of her condition was ...
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Prosthetic Success Story

Ed Poarch

Ed Poarch has become a special patient to us over the years. He is a pleasure to talk to and is a wealth of knowledge ...
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Cassie New Prosthetic Patient

Cassie Logan

About 5 years ago Cassie had first become an amputee when her left leg had to be amputated due to Charcot Deformity, a diabetic-related condition ...
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Prosthetic Athlete playing softball

Paul Mittermeier

Paul Mittermeier has been a Prosthetic patient of Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics/D&J Medical since 2012. Paul has been an amputee for 31 years and has ...
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