Orthotics Division


The professional orthotists and fitters at D&J Medical and MDOP focus on improving your mobility and comfort, as well as alleviating your pain, whether it is caused by an injury, surgery or congenital condition. We custom design and fabricate your orthotic device, including spinal, scoliosis and ankle / foot orthotics, to meet your individual needs and your physician’s prescription. Then we work with you to attain optimal fit, functionality, comfort and appearance during our precise fitting and adjustment process.

All of our practitioners are ABC Certified and have graduated from Universities. Individually our practitioners have years of experience caring for patients and designing and fabricating custom orthoses.


Cervical Spine

D&J provides cervical stabilization collars for neck strain, whiplash injury, post fusion therapy and degenerative disc disease. Our orthotists are also trained and certified to apply the complex Halo braces used to immobilize unstable cervical fractures and to provide follow-up adjustments. This is done in consultation with your physician.

Upper Extremity

Our orthotists and fitters can measure and fit you for a number of devices to treat injuries of the shoulders and arms. We provide:


    • Abduction slings for rotator cuff injury and post-op treatment


    • Hinged elbow braces for torn biceps and triceps
    • Custom post-op braces


    • Splints and braces for carpal tunnel and other injuries

Lower Extremity

D&J supplies numerous orthotic devices to support the weight-bearing limbs and joints after injury or surgical repair, including:


    • Custom and off-the-shelf abduction braces for dislocation
    • Custom pediatric hip abduction orthoses
    • Custom Scottish rite orthoses


    • Neoprene sleeves with and without hinges
    • Patella stabilizers
    • Custom sports bracing by Ossur, Breg and others for ACL and all ligament tears
    • Unloader braces for osteoarthritis

Foot and Ankle:

    • Custom Arizona-type Baldwin boots for osteoarthritis
    • Custom orthoses for contractures, foot drop, spina bifida and polio patients
    • Custom sports bracing
    • Walking boots
    • Custom arch supports and foot orthoses



We offer a variety of bracing options for the thoracic and lumbar spine:

    • Spinal Tech, which uses a computer program based on our measurements of your spine to create a custom spinal brace for the treatment of compression fractures, scoliosis and post-op lumbar fusions
    • Aspen off-the-shelf back braces
    • Jewitt hyper-extension braces treat high-level thoracic fractures
    • Corsets for support of the lower back

Custom Orthosis

We strive to achieve the remarkable. We do not settle. We spare no effort or time in working with patients to achieve the absolute best custom designed orthosis.

Each orthosis we create is custom designed based on the needs, goals, lifestyle, and ability for our patients.

Our orthoses begin with a cast, taken by hand – because it provides more anatomically realistic results than casting by computer. We take the extra time to hand-cast because hand-casting provides a more nuanced fit. It takes of years of experience to handcast well. We merge artistic and scientific skills and methods for fitting – utilizing the best method to provide quality and comfort in weight bearing conditions.

All fabrication is done at our on-site, state of the art, fabrication lab. We use the most advanced fabrication techniques available today, such as Carbon Fiber and Flexible plastics.

We are certified and/or licensed to provide:

  • Ottobock Genium/X3 Knee
  • Otto Bock Harmony Vacuum System
  • Otto Bock C-Leg
  • All Other Otto Bock Products
  • Limb Logic
  • Proprio Foot
  • Rheo Knee
  • Adaptive Knee
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Revofit Sockets
  • KISS Technology
  • All Ossur Products
  • All Endolite Products
  • All College Park Products
  • All Freedom Products
  • SureStep
  • Plie Knee
  • E MAG Ottobock
  • MyoBoy Ottobock
  • Utah Arm
  • BIOM
  • HiFi Technology
  • Nu-FlexSIV Sockets