Compression Therapy Division

The Compression Therapy Division of D&J Medical is dedicated to restoring comfort and mobility to patients with circulatory insufficiency or lymphedema, and those needing chronic wound care or burn scar reduction.

Our thoughtful and caring compression fitters have more than 35 years of combined experience in day and nighttime compression garments for the upper and lower extremities. Whether yours is a custom-made prescription compression garment or an off-the-shelf compression garment, we ensure that you will have the best, personalized fit and comfort possible, and that your garments will deliver the precision gradient compression ordered by your physician, regardless of the severity of your disease.

We take pride in our skills and in the personal service we give to each of our patients. Many of our patients have been with us for years, and they have become like family to us as we work together to make them better.

Circulatory Insufficiency

Patients with vein circulation problems can suffer from numerous conditions including varicose veins, stasis ulcers, edema and thromboembolic disease. Vein disease is characterized by pain, swelling, and fatigue, and if left untreated, these circulation problems can worsen over time and become chronic conditions, affecting your quality of life for many years.

Compression therapy works by applying pressure to the walls of your weakened veins, assisting those weak veins and helping them pump blood back to the heart. This pressure also prevents fluid from accumulating in the interstitial tissue. Once the blood begins to flow normally and tissue swelling is controlled, pain, swelling and leg fatigue are reduced.

D&J works closely with your physicians, nurses and therapists to provide the precise level of compression necessary to increase circulation, reduce pain and help you return to normal function and mobility as soon as possible.

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that tends to progress. Without adequate therapy, Stage I, which is characterized by swelling from accumulation of high protein edema fluid, will progress to Stage II with fibrosis and reproduction of fatty tissue, and possibly even to the elephantiasis of Stage III. Lymphedema cannot be cured, so treatment focuses on minimizing the swelling and controlling the pain.

Treatment varies, depending on the severity of the edema and the degree of fibrosis of the affected limb. Most people with lymphedema follow a daily regimen of treatment, as suggested by their physician or certified lymphedema therapist.

The most common treatments for lymphedema are a combination of direct lymphatic massage, lymphatic exercise, daytime and nighttime compression garments or compression bandaging and the use of intermittent sequential gradient pumps. CDT, or complex decongestive physiotherapy, is a guided system of lymphatic massage, skin care and compressive garments. Although a combination treatment program may be ideal, any of the treatments can be done individually.

A person with lymphedema wears an elastic compression garment on the affected limb. This follows complete decongestive therapy to maintain edema reduction and to compress the arm or leg and encourage the flow of lymph fluid out of the affected limb. Compression garments must be replaced on a regular basis.

Depending on the therapist’s discretion, a compression garment may be purchased in over-the-counter, standard sizes or custom fabricated. Custom compression gradients provide maximum garment pressure on the ankle or wrist area that gradually decreases as it moves towards the thigh or upper arm, allowing for the most efficient movement of lymph fluid.

Because lymphedema can be a very painful disease, and because compression garments are meant to be worn 24 hours a day, every day, the experienced professionals at D&J Medical take every care in seeing that your compression garments are measured and fitted correctly and comfortably.

We partner with therapists nationwide to provide the best compression therapy and lymphedema garments. Through D&J Compression, you'll have access to top products, backed by the knowledge and support of our compression professionals.