Prosthetics Division


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The certified prosthetists at D&J and MDOP are dedicated to helping our patients with limb loss return to normal function with the comfort, appearance and performance you need and deserve. We custom design your prosthesis in our laboratory, according to your specific form and physical requirements, and fabricate it using high quality materials and components. These may include thermoplastics, carbon fiber, metals, elastic, EVA and fabric, or a combination of similar materials, as specified by your physician and best suited to your particular needs. D&J and MDOP also stands on the cutting edge of technology as two of the select companies bringing you the latest innovations for bionics and prosthetics.

After we fabricate your prosthesis, we work closely with you, your physician and your therapist. In this way, we ensure optimal fit, functionality, comfort and appearance. We also educate you on the use and care of your prosthesis, and we follow up through the life of the prosthesis.

Regardless of how a limb is lost—in an unforeseen accident or by a planned amputation— we understand the trauma involved. We know that amputees need a prosthetic team that works together for your success, so we assist you at every step of the way and serve as your resource in every aspect of your care.

Our prothetists are trained and certified to design, fabricate and fit numerous technologically advanced appliances, including the following:

  • Myoelectric devices for the upper extremity that sense and respond to muscle impulses to allow fingers to move and grasp, and to allow the lower arm to twist and extend
  • C-leg prosthetics that use computer programs to control and assist the function of the legs of above-knee-amputees, especially in walking downhill

What to Expect

Whenever possible, we consult with our patients prior to their amputation surgery. During these visits, we answer your questions and begin planning your post-operative treatment. This initial meeting often alleviates some of the anxieties you may have regarding such a major, life changing surgery.

Whether we meet before or after your surgery, we will take time to get to know you, so that we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs. It is not just the functional outcome we hope to affect; it is the quality of life for each individual we are privileged to serve.

Our prosthetists will take a careful cast of your limb and use it to sculpt a completely unique and custom mold in our on-site lab. We take the extra time to hand-cast because hand-casting provides a more nuanced fit. We merge artistic and scientific skills for fitting – utilizing the best method to provide quality and comfort in weight bearing conditions. Once the cast is complete, we will then form a custom socket and assemble an individualized prosthesis using the finest and best-suited materials and components for your particular needs.

When the prosthetic device is ready, we will fit it and conduct a series of tests to determine that its comfort and function meet our standards and your expectations. You will be instructed in the proper methods for donning and doffing your prosthesis, routine maintenance and cleaning, and how to detect problems with your device and your residual limb.

Your final prosthesis will be delivered only when we are all satisfied with its ability to meet your specific needs.


KISS suspension, a patented prosthetic suspension system, was developed onsite at Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics. KISS has been adopted by hundreds of practitioners around the country, for its incredible ability to provide security when wearing a prosthesis. We use KISS and other suspension solutions.

Intensive Care Program

The Prosthetic Division of D&J Medical and MDOP offers an Intensive Care Program (ICP), which reduces many of the problems associated with adjusting to a new prosthesis and increases the quality of outcome. This program involves an intensified one-day visit at which our dedicated prosthetists work full-time with you to ensure that your prosthesis is delivered quickly and to your satisfaction.

The ICP begins with a thorough prosthetic evaluation and careful preparation for your visit by our prosthetists. On the day of your scheduled ICP visit, we begin by taking an original cast, then fabricate and check for fit, conduct dynamic testing and deliver the completed prosthetic. Some patients will require more than a one-day visit, and sometimes it is necessary to interrupt the ICP process for a weeklong test of the prosthetic in real life conditions.

During your one-day visit, we work exclusively with you. You will be able to watch as we construct your device in our lab. You can actively participate in refining the fit, comfort and function of your prosthesis as we respond immediately to the results of dynamic testing.

The ICP is invaluable in helping us to serve you. It significantly reduces the time between the start of the prosthetic process and the delivery of your device, allows us to identify and correct problems immediately, and minimizes the amount of time you and your caregivers must be absent from work or school.

When your prosthesis is complete, we will follow your progress by maintaining close communication with you and your caregivers, particularly your physical therapist, your supervising physician and close family members. We will maintain a schedule of regular follow-up calls and visits to ensure that the fit, function and general condition of your prosthesis remain up to standard.

Although the ICP is not appropriate for everyone, it is particularly well suited to pediatric rotationplasty patients. For those patients traveling from out of town, we offer several options for lodging, dining and entertainment.

We are certified and/or licensed to provide:

  • Ottobock Genium/X3 Knee
  • Otto Bock Harmony Vacuum System
  • Otto Bock C-Leg
  • All Other Otto Bock Products
  • Limb Logic
  • Proprio Foot
  • Rheo Knee
  • Adaptive Knee
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Revofit Sockets
  • KISS Technology
  • All Ossur Products
  • All Endolite Products
  • All College Park Products
  • All Freedom Products
  • SureStep
  • Plie Knee
  • E MAG Ottobock
  • MyoBoy Ottobock
  • Nu-FlexSIV sockets
  • Utah Arm
  • BIOM
  • HiFi Technology