Success Stories

Cassie Logan

About 5 years ago Cassie had first become an amputee when her left leg had to be amputated due to Charcot Deformity, a diabetic-related condition that causes the midfoot to become unstable. She was then faced with another challenge in October of 2021 and is now a bilateral amputee, but she has made sure that nothing can stop her!

Cassie is determined to do everything (if not better…) that a non-amputee can do! She expressed to us that a huge motivation for her is her son. She wants to be a great example and show him that anything is possible if you work for it. Cassie and her son still enjoy being active and playing games together. Her goal is to continue to live the independent life that she wants – and she is quite the inspiration for that! Cassie also has a wonderful and supportive partner who has seen her through each surgery and has helped her through her journey.