Success Stories

Ed Poarch

Ed Poarch has become a special patient to us over the years. He is a pleasure to talk to and is a wealth of knowledge on many topics. Ed Poarch was first introduced to MDOP/D&J Medical in 2020, as a new Trans-Tibial amputee. Ed first received his amputation on September 30th, 2020.

Ed is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and is a dedicated hero. Ed is a very motivated, hardworking gentleman, who persevered with his rehab team member to overcome his limb loss. His amputation was unfortunately due to vascular complications.  Ed also suffers from diabetes, which is believed to be a possible result of having exposure to agent orange in the war. Agent Orange is a chemical compound that was used during the war.

Ed, a native of Maryland, was drafted into the US ARMY in 1969. He served 2 tours of duty from 1969 to 1970, where he was the Crew Chief of a Huey Hog Gunship. He survived the war after sustaining rocket fire from ground troops and crashed and landed under heavy enemy fire in hostile territory on 2 occasions. When asked how he felt about the war and the draft, he exclaimed that he felt, “it was his duty to put his country first, and fight to survive with his brothers.”

Ed was in the aviation group with the: 188th Assault Helicopter Company “Black Widows”In 1971, he joined the Union of Bricklayers and later became active with the “Masonic” organization where he held several high positions. He later studied under the GI bill where he earned a BA in Business Administration from the University of Maryland College Park while working full time as a stonemason and bricklayer. He worked and studied night and day, 6 days a week.