Success Stories

Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber was introduced to Maryland Orthotics & Prosthetics/D&J Medical in October 2020. After a traumatic injury at 10, the severity of her condition was overlooked for several years before she had surgery at 13. As a result, Stephanie developed severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and general nerve damage. She had to go to rehab 6 hours a day and had to transition to online schooling. Another surgery two years later only made the problems worse, and for the next few years, her family traveled the country to hospitals and clinics with no relief.

At 18 years old, Stephanie came into our office to discuss options as she was considering moving forward with an elective amputation. She spoke with our lab tech, who was another below-knee amputee and fellow patient, and was able to ask questions from both the technical and personal sides.

Since the nerve damage was irreparable and the leg would never be structurally stable again, Stephanie moved forward with the decision to amputate in November of 2020. Within days, she was moving without pain and had not had any effects from the nerve damage that she had lived with for years.

Stephanie’s first prosthesis was delivered in February 2021. Her practitioner, Adam Kohn, worked diligently to develop a leg that would fit in with her active lifestyle. She states, “If there was a rate-my-professor but for a prosthetist, Adam would have 5/5!” She is now fully independent and able to do the things she loves, including hiking and driving. This fall, Stephanie will be moving away to go to Oregon. We are honored to have been a part of your journey and wish you the best of luck!