Meet Your Practitioner Effie Doss

About 4 years ago D&J Medical gained a wonderful and knowledgeable Orthotist. Effie Doss has been a great addition to our D&J Medical Family. She brings a lot of energy to our group. When seeing her patients, she is very caring, thorough, and answers any questions they might have. Her main expectation for herself as a practitioner is to improve every patient’s quality of life. It brings her great joy to see a patient who is able to do things they were previously unable to do; even if it is with a corrective device.

Effie was born right here in Baltimore, Maryland. She spent her days as a child playing in the alley with the neighborhood kids and going to the beach. Effie’s love for life shows whether it is at work, caring for rescue animals, or during her free time. She loves music and has been to over 130 Dave Matthews Band Concerts. She also loves being outdoors with her daughter. They both enjoy to go to the beach and hiking with their 4 year old Pit Bull mix dog.

You can find Effie at our Mercy Hospital Office. If you have any questions for her, please leave a comment on our website. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Effie. Allow her to help you live Life Without Limits.

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