Meet Your Practitioner Heather Arrup

D&J Medical would like you to learn more about our practitioner, Heather Arrup.  Patients will find her fitting their foot and ankle braces at our Baltimore location in Mercy Medical Center. We have been lucky enough to have Heather for many years now and have been able to watch her grow in so many ways.  Heather has become a wife and mother over her years at D&J, she now has two sons and grown into a wonderful practitioner.

Heather was born and raised in Perry Hall, Maryland. As a young girl she was sort of a tomboy, she hung with the boys in the neighborhood, jumping curbs with her bike and playing flashlight tag. She also enjoyed playing many sports, but did have her girly side dancing ballet. Her love for sports carried on into High School where she played field hockey and lacrosse. She has been able to pass her skills down to her oldest son who loves to play lacrosse too.  Along with watching her son play lacrosse she also enjoys traveling, catching up with friends, and spending time with her family.

Heather has worked at the Baltimore location since she started with D&J Medical and has been able to fit patient’s bracing for a world renowned doctor. Years have passed and Heather wouldn’t change a thing about her job.  Her favorites are, the many special people she has met over the years, colleagues and physicians she has grown to know very well, and Fellows that have come and gone.  Last but not least, Heather feels that helping her patients with complex foot and ankle issues so they can live without limits, is what makes her proudest.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Heather. If you have any questions for her please leave a comment on our website.

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